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Kim Stirtan is the owner and manager of DK Personal Training which is conveniently located very close to Interstate 95 on the Southeastern Connecticut shoreline.

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I have enjoyed and taken advantage of Kim Stirtan’s expertise in her Aquafit program, Advanced Pilates class, and in her Personal Training studio. In all that she does, Kim is extremely professional and knowledgeable. Kim is dedicated to helping her students achieve maximum benefit and optimal health. Even in group settings, Kim is acutely aware of the individual needs of each student, and she generously shares her knowledge. Kim has been a tremendous help to me in minimizing chronic back pain although she’s also great at working out temporary physical “kinks.” I love that her approach is “whole body” which means that I’ve learned a great deal about body awareness, imbalance, and compromise among other things. Kim is a wonderful teacher and a pleasure to work with. I have total confidence in her abilities and opinion. I fully recommend Kim Stirtan, in fact, she is currently working with and providing muscle relief for my daughter.
— Annie M.
Kim Stirtan is the best Personal Trainer I have ever had. When it comes to strength and cardiovascular training, she knows all! My job requires that I travel so Kim developed a customized training program that I can do anywhere. Kim is also supportive, and she is tough! She is helping me reach my goals.
— Madeline F.
I was looking for an exercise component for my weight loss program and to improve my flexibility for yoga, so my wife gave me a gift certificate for two sessions with Kim. After teaching me a series of simple but effective stretching exercises, and encouraging me to use a jogging log book, I began to enjoy exercising far more than trying to do the whole thing on my own. I signed on for more for more sessions, as much for the deliciously relaxed feeling after being subjected to her stretching machines, as for her gentle but firm motivation. I am still stretching and find that yoga is not as painful as before, and I have kept the weight off. Thank You, Kim!
— Michael Beavan
After having our baby, Kim carefully and steadily stretched me and challenged me back into working condition. I was able to finish a half Ironman (triathlon) when our daughter was only 10-months old. A great deal of this success was due to Kim’s excellent analytical and ‘diagnostic’ skills for what might be going on with my body mechanically after giving birth and nursing a baby 24/7. Over the past winter, I coped with a hip problem for 4-months. I appreciated Kim’s patience and ever-fresh attitude towards the mysterious injury that turned out to be irritation and inflammation from an ovarian cyst. Her work on stretching, range of motion, and managing of tightness and adhesions in my hip area made the “down time” less depressing and eventually I was back on the road again - onto triathlon season. These are the things I most appreciate about Kim: her dedication to continuing education and being the best she can be in her field; her “total-body within life” approach to health and fitness and what I mean by this is that she asks if you were up all night with a sick child and factors that into the workout, her excellent ‘diagnostic’ ability to body mechanics, and her incredible kindness and caring personality. She is one of the kindest people I have encountered.
— Name withheld upon request
As a fairly new and solidly middle-aged runner, Kim has successfully helped me work through injuries, as well as develop a program to maintain my flexibility, strength, and fitness, regardless of whether I’m training for a marathon or just exercising for fun and good health. My overall fitness, as well as running performance, have greatly benefited from her work and guidance.
— Susan
Two years ago I returned to the gym to begin weightlifting after a decade of no exercise. Recently, I felt that my training lacked both intensity and energy. I tried different training methods, but I was still lethargic, and all progress had stopped. I chalked it up to getting older. I went to my doctor, and a simple blood test revealed that I was now suffering from one of the signs of an out-of-shape, follicularly-challenged, middle-aged guy: high cholesterol. The remedy: you guessed it, Lipitor®. This was the wake-up call that I knew was coming, but trying to ignore. I refused to give in to the big pharmaceuticals even though that was the easy way out. My wife suggested that I see her aerobics instructor, Kim since she’s a personal trainer. I readily resisted this attempt at my emasculation. However, I finally relented and went to see her. When I first met Kim, she asked me my goals. I told her it was to get in better shape and reduce my cholesterol. Kim’s advise was to do the two things which I dread most: eat less and run.

Nevertheless, I followed Kim’s advise to eat less, exercise smarter, and stretch. After several months of Kim’s individualized program, I lost about 10-15 pounds, my cholesterol went down, though not enough to stave off Lipitor, I’m able to run five miles, I have more energy, and I have an appreciation for the importance of intelligent exercise. Kim clearly understands how to constantly challenge one’s body to prevent an exercise routine from becoming stale and thereby constantly promoting progress. I credit Kim for teaching and motivating me to live better.
— Gary
Kim has an amazing knowledge of anatomy and physiology as well as psychology. In my case, she has taken a reluctant exerciser and kept me motivated for the past four years by helping me to set goals and quietly encouraging me along the way. She helps us to stay on track by evaluating where we are and by creating new routines to keep us successful. She understands if you’ve had a busy week and haven’t made time for your routine. She is never rushed through sessions but spends as much time as necessary for us to be successful. In addition, Kim lives the life we are seeking. She keeps herself fit and is an excellent role model for all. She keeps abreast of new trends in fitness and continues her education by attending national conferences. She manages to do all of this with a smile on her face and with a willingness to help us succeed. She is a wonderful instructor.
— Judy
You have had a tremendous impact on my life. I have lost about 25 pounds since I started meeting with you in February, and gone from being sedentary to exercising nearly every day. You have helped me to better manage my tendencies to overeat or eat the wrong foods when I’m anxious and stressed, and made me more aware of my menopausal systems and how to cope with them. You also helped me to transition from walking to running, something I have wanted to do for years. I feel better today, at (almost) 47, than I have for the past 15 years.

There are many things about you that have impressed me. You are always warm and optimistic, and I don’t think you have a judgmental bone in your body. You break down overwhelming goals into manageable pieces and come up with very specific, detailed solutions on how to handle obstacles. You seem to know when to gently push me forward and when I need your help just to hold the line. I think you really understand that every client is different and that one size doesn’t fit all. You exemplify the “personal” in personal trainer.

Whether you know it or not, you have also been a change agent within my family. You turned my husband from being a complete non-exerciser into someone who really values his morning exercise routine. He is looking great and eating better than he ever has before. People are noticing, and that makes him feel good as well! You have also worked with my son, Robert, who has had problems participating in some sports, again providing him with very specific stretching exercises. As a family, we have all become a little more aware of what we’re eating, how much exercise we’re getting, and how much sleep and I think we’re all happier and healthier because of it.

Kim, you are a delightful person and an inspiring role model for me. I thank you for all that you have done for me, and for the opportunity to express this to you. Please let me know if there’s anything else I can provide.
— Leslie
Kim has helped me overcome many obstacles in my life. I met Kim when she was working with my Dad, as he was recovering from a Total Hip Replacement. One afternoon she pointed out a picture of me and asked how much I weighed? I told her I weighed 120 pounds and was very active in various sports. Since that day I have changed my lifestyle from being a couch potato and ate junk food for over ten years. I weighed 192 pounds and was miserable, had difficulty breathing and didn’t like the way I looked. Kim said she could help me lose the weight and exercise again, I was hesitant and got scared. Oh my goodness, I don’t know if I can do this. It took me at least three weeks to finally set up an appointment with her. I began to work with her and realized I had to make big changes in my life to learn how to eat healthier and exercise. In the first year of training, I came across an article in the newspaper about a local Triathlon and said to myself this is really cool and it’s something I would like to accomplish. I approached Kim, and we worked very hard to train and prepare my body to a fitness level to complete a Triathlon. Well, today I’ve lost 65 pounds and am very active in Triathlons, I have completed three Half Ironmans, and I enjoyed every minute of it. I wouldn’t give it up for one second. I love the way my body looks, and I feel great. Kim is very dedicated and knowledgeable in her work. She enjoys helping her clients to achieve their goals. It’s a pleasure working with her. I can trust and can always count on her advice with any concerns I have.
— Cindy W.
I began working with Kim after I suffered a back injury. Not only was I able to bounce back quickly from the injury through our work I came back stronger. Over the last couple of years, I have gained more flexibility, strength, and muscle endurance than I have ever had in my life. I would recommend Kim Stirtan to anyone who wants to increase their fitness level.
— Craig T.
For the past several years I have been a participant in Kim Stirtan’s morning aquatics class. It has been the most wonderful thing I have done for myself. Kim’s expertise in water aerobics, her individual attention to each participant’s needs (and sometimes limitations) is not only refreshing (no pun intended), but reassuring to know that the exercise I am involved in is not only helpful but safe for my particular physical needs (arthritis and joint replacements).

Kim’s class is always invigorating (can you believe you can perspire in the pool?), challenging, diversified and “state of the art.” She continues to educate herself and bring new ideas to our class, so it never gets old, or boring.
— Anne W.
Kim’s AquaFit class is a whole-body workout which benefits from her knowledge of body dynamics and the core strengthening which is the basis of her Pilates instruction. Her attention to each participant’s individual strengths and vulnerabilities is achieved with caring professionalism and diplomacy. Her classes are rigorous, well-paced and superbly taught. And they are fun! The same superlatives can be applied to her Beginning Pilates class.
— Platt A.